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Not only should the outside of our homes and neighborhoods look nice, but our businesses deserve the same landscape consideration. In fact, some commercial landscaping is very particular to the Portland Oregon area. With all of the water we receive through precipitation and the ground water, rivers, streams, and wetlands, Portlandians take great care in how water is treated for the environmental impact. 

Maybe you have seen the gullies and around public buildings. They often have plants in them and during the heavy rainstorms of our winter months you may see them fill with water. This is what they are there for, a way to collect the excess water and filter it back into the ground water. The plants are chosen especially as ones that can withstand having “wet feet.” These plants include Juncus and Carex both types of ornamental grasses that can handle having their roots wet for extended periods of time. These same plants are also good for rain gardens (the residential version of a bio swale).

Some of these areas are more contained in commercial areas, surrounded by concrete. These areas will often include a form of industrial “dry well” to allow water to drain back into the underground through a rock filtration. They also use a specialized soil blend for the plants that is environmentally friendly. Most of this is dictated by city regulations to make sure to keep businesses to a high standard for the benefit of everyone. 

Just as is seen in residential areas, commercial areas also have a need for hardscaping. In the hilly Portland Metro Area, businesses may need retaining walls to help terrace the property to help with planting as well as provide space for utilities and even sidewalks to have a flat surface. There are some cities that require when new buildings are built the area must be landscaped before they will allow occupancy. This keeps the cities looking nice with the landscaping being more than just mounds of dirt. Not only are there needs for retaining walls, but irrigation, drainage, and even landscape lighting can make a world of difference for the look and feel of a business. 

Landscaping isn’t just for the homeowner. A good business owner will want to make sure their commercial property is kept looking fresh. New clients coming to visit want to know that they are working with a company that takes care of their business. We can help business owners with their landscapes and keep them environmentally friendly and useful. 

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