Sod Alternatives

Are you tired of upkeeping your lawn and spending hours every summer on maintenance to keep the grass under control? Are you tired of the dead spots in the summer heat even though you feel you are spending your whole budget on water? While sod is a great landscape option for families with young children or pets who want a place to play, there are other alternative options for those who want something other than grass.


Maybe you still want that touch of softness in your landscape that comes with living plants. Instead of a large flat green, you could paint your landscape with plants. With shrubs and ground covers you can add color and dimension to your yard. A variety of plants will give you color throughout the seasons and can even bring in pollinators. You can take great advantage of living in the Portland Metro area where we have a long, pleasant growing season. 


Maybe you want an entertaining space in a small compact area. Pavers can be a good option to allow to extend your living space to include the outdoors. With the pavers you now have a seating area and a place to put your grill for the great Portland summer nights. (And you can always add a touch of the softer plants in flower beds to bring the great outdoors to your home.)

Synthetic Lawn

Maybe you want the soft lawn look and feel, without the weekly maintenance and water. In that case synthetic turf is a good alternative. Some of them incorporate environmental resources such as coconut shells making it recyclable as well. The synthetic option is pet and child friendly, but you don’t need to worry about your summer vacations and finding someone to make sure it gets watered and trimmed while you are gone. 

The landscape is fluid and can meet anyone’s tastes or needs. While sod is the traditional method of landscaping in the Portland Oregon suburbs, you shouldn’t feel limited to it. Contact us today to meet with one of our experts to discuss your landscaping dreams. ]

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