Privacy and Aesthetics Combined: Discover the Magic of Good Neighbor Fences

Good Fences

It has been said that ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’ (Mending Wall, Robert Frost) Good fences can offer privacy and aesthetic value. When you want to create your own little backyard haven, you don’t want the neighbor’s animals to crash unexpectedly, and a fence is a good way to shield your space. 

Our fences are made with pressure treated lumber for the posts and cedar for the rails and slats. Thre pressure treated wood is durable and helps with water repellent. Cedar, though more expensive than other lumber available, has a natural water repellent and does well in the wet and drippy Portland Metro climate. Even using the same fencing materials, there are a variety of styles that allow for all aesthetics. 

Good Neighbor

The good neighbor fence a style that has boards on both sides of the horizontal bar. This is an aesthetically pleasing fence for both sides since there isn’t a “wrong” side. They are practically identical. This method also helps with airflow since there are gaps between the boards. 

Board on Board

If you want more privacy than the good neighbor fence allows (since there are gaps between boards) you can do a board on board style. This uses a little more lumber because not only are there no gaps between the board, but they overlap each other. This style of fence is often considered more durable since the boards support each other. Many times this fence will also get a top rail. The top rail gives protection to the raw edges of the board that face upwards and are susceptible to the rain and moisture that van get into the grain. 


Another style of fencing includes the standard vertical plank. This has the boards snug up against each other to allow for privacy but doesn’t use as much wood as the board on board, since there is no overlapping. This style can have the top rail or trim as well to help protect the top of the boards and give it a finished look.


Horizontal slats are also an option. These planks aren’t always set snug against each other but have small gaps that add to the aesthetic of the fencing. There can be an artistic touch by using different widths of boards. 



An important aspect of any fence is the decision on a gate. Is it needed, and if so, what kind do you want. Many gates are 4ft wide and match the style of the fence, but there are times that you may need, or want, something a little bit different. Sometimes you want to mark an entrance to your property. We can take care of that for you as well.

The style of wooden fencing depends on the location (hills and HOAs to be considered). Our team can build the fence you need to achieve your perfect landscape dream. 

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