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When living in the Portland Metro area we can take advantage of the beautiful summer nights. After the endless spring rains, the temperate summer nights seem extra special. How better to enjoy the evenings than in your own backyard with your friends and family. Backyard BBQs are a staple for any socialite, and we have solutions to your entertainment needs: a backyard paver patio.

Patios are solid foundations to decorate for an outdoor living space. More vibrant than concrete, a paver patio offers you options for your outdoor dining set and grill. Here you can set up the perfect entertainment space for your summer parties. Pavers are low maintenance and do not have to be sealed. They are just as easy to maintain as a concrete patio but have a higher-class look.

Pavers are blocks that allow for a variety of patterns in a plethora of colors using a myriad of different stones. The main limitation is how the price changes depending on the material or complexity of the pattern. The most typical type of patio is designed to have the bricks sit next to each other giving a large flat space to work with. 

Natural Driveway Paver Install

Other pavers have the option to be set amidst gravel for a more modern approach that still allows for furniture but reduces the cost since not as many blocks are needed to achieve the desired effect. This effect gives you the use of a patio, without large areas of stone. These flagstone style blocks are often much larger in size and give a stunning effect for any landscape project.

You can also add contrasting borders to give another pop to the hard landscape. The border can add a finishing tough to the patio. The borders could be the same color, just placed in circumference. They can be a different color of the same style of block. Or they can be a completely different type of stone that gives it a drastic juxtaposition of looks.

You can use pavers in a variety of shapes to fit whatever space you need. Maybe you need to fill the gap between your house and your garage and don’t want a mud pit since it doesn’t see much sun. Or maybe you want a circular patio for your landscape.

At Tree Bee Landscapes, we have the expertise to take care of any of your paver patio needs.  

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