A Living Landscape

Sometimes when we think of landscape construction we get focused on the hardscapes, like retaining walls, pavers, and drainage. But maybe what your landscape needs is a softer touch. This can be done through adding plants to your landscaping. Here in the Portland Metro area, we have the advantage of a long growing season and milder winters increasing the variety of plants that are available. 


One of the most common plants to use is grass, or sod. The most common varieties we install are rye and fescue. Grass enables you to have a play area for pets and children. It adds color to your landscape in vibrant shades of green. Grass is also easy to take care of with regular water and trimming. It isn’t wildly adventurous, but it is everyone here knows what it is and it is utilitarian. Not much more to say on this topic because it is so tried and true. 


Depending on what you need, would depend on what type of tree you need. The most important part is in some cases you may have to follow city or HOA ordinances for what type of tree can be planted. Some trees are good for shade, these are the larger tree like maples, or eastern redbuds. Some are used for privacy like arborvitae or skip laurels. Others are offer beautiful blossoms like Japanese Snowbell or Dogwood. Our horticulture experts can help you decide on which tree would be the right fit for what you need in the space you have. 

Shrubs and Bushes

Part of Portland’s natural beauty comes from the variety of shrubs and bushes. Unlike trees that can get 30 feet tall, shrubs are generally on the shorter side and can offer flash of colors and variety in our landscape. Portland is known as the City of Roses so it stands to reason that roses can be a good addition to your landscape. If you want something less prickly, rhododendrons are native to the area and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of them are evergreen, so even through the wet and dreary months you will have that spark of green. Hydrangeas are a fun shrub to cultivate because while they do have specific varieties with specific colors, the soil can influence the colors you see. These are only a few of the shrubs and bushes available. 

Other Plants

There are thousands of other plants to choose: from tulips to dahlias to azaleas to ferns. It all depends on what type of landscape you are looking for. Do you want low maintenance and need plants that use less water or are you looking for a bee’s paradise to encourage the pollinators. Like picking out the perfect tree or shrub, our experiences estimators can explain the benefits and which plants would be best for your landscape.

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